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Video: Airbox unboxing / hands-on, Apple's wireless headphones

We talked a lot about the AirPods here on the site since before they were even announced by Apple, but now it was our turn to put our hands on the company's first fully wireless headphones, and we prepared a special video for you.

I received my date today (12/29) very late and soon sat down to open / meet him with you, in the video above. Make a quick one ?Unboxing? and then one hands-on product, giving them all my first impressions about it. These are initial comments, of course; a full review will be published here on the site in a few weeks, after extensive testing.

Hope you like it! ? If so, don't forget to give a thumbs up on the video, there on YouTube, as well as to share it; this is very important for us, for the growth of our video channel.