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Unlock your Mac by Touch ID with the FingerKey app

As we have already explained here, Touch ID helps a lot in security and also great to streamline the process of unlocking iPhones and iPads. And while Apple doesn't take you to Macs, the app FingerKey it is sure to help you be more efficient and have more security when unlocking your computers.

FingerKey app icon

FingerKey is an application developed by Brazilian Leandro Luizari that basically allows you to unlock (or lock) your Mac with the Touch ID your iPhone or Apple Watch. In addition, you can register passwords for websites and also your address so you never have to fill in login or residence data again. If you want, you can enable the backup of this information in iCloud.

To connect your devices, simply install the application on your iPhone and on your Mac download it here (ZIP) and pair them easily via Bluetooth 4.0 or Wi-Fi. To use the data filler feature, you also need to download the extensions for Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox browsers available on the application page.

The functions present in FingerKey are simple, but they work very well. In addition to saving quite a bit of time (really fast), you don't have to worry about entering your password in front of other people. Not to mention that you can lock (put to sleep) your Mac from a distance. The feature of filling in forms with the optimal address, however, as there is no possibility to edit the fields or add new ones, you will still need to fill in some fields manually depending on the information being requested. Another negative point is the fact of not having the Portuguese language, but I believe that this is easily resolved.

According to the developer himself, we can expect some innovations in the next updates. We can already say that the feature of accessing FingerKey directly from the Notification Center is back (it was disabled in the last update), which will speed up the process even more because you don't even need to open the app. Another novelty that will benefit monthly subscribers will be an extension for the mobile version of Safari, so they will be able to use on iPhones the logins already registered for use on the Mac. Finally, we will be able to see a multiplatform application, as the app will also be available for Android and Windows.

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