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Triton Tech sues Apple and Nintendo for combined use of accelerometer and gyroscope

Mouse patent from Triton TechAnother day, another lawsuit because of some patent. Today's work by Triton Technologies Inc., which decided to sue Apple and Nintendo because of the use of three-dimensional methods of entering information on a computer. iPhone 4 and Wii Motion Plus were, according to the company, derived from an invention that it registered in January 1993, with the title ?Computer apparatus input device for three-dimensional information?. This document describes a mouse with three buttons capable of capturing movements in different axes to control interfaces on computers.

The lawsuit was initiated in a court in Texas (USA), where traditional cases of this type are decided in favor of the plaintiff, something that certainly did not make the staff of the Infinite Loop jurist happy.

Now, if I could ask a question Triton Tech, it would be this: why not sue Sony too? That SIXAXIS and his heavy / flickering brother, DualShock 3, begging to be put in the middle of this fight!

(via AppleInsider)