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Thermographic cameras help fight Covid-19 at airports and factories

Governments in a number of countries are using thermographic cameras as a way to contain the Covid-19, especially in places where people are very crowded, such as factories and airports. Gadgets are used to identify people who have a high body temperature, which is one of the symptoms of the disease.


The city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, made free distribution of food in a pandemic

Official website: FLIR

As soon as someone with a fever is identified, they are separated from others for a medical evaluation. It is assessed whether other symptoms of infection with the new coronavirus are present to ensure that the person is not suspected of having the disease.

This limits the social interaction of individuals who may be infected, which helps to contain the progress of the new coronavirus.

The cameras that have been used for this purpose are manufactured by FLIR Systems. They have a feature known as "screening", which identifies the most relevant parts of the face for diagnosis and performs measurements instantly.

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