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The new iPad Pro is still a “nightmare” for repair enthusiasts

It is true that the launch of Apple's new iPad Pro was shaken due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but the apple company ended up overcoming the difficulties and putting it in stores. The equipment reaches the market promising consumers that their next computer is not a computer and with new features such as a LIDAR sensor (Light Detection and Ranging). But is the new iPad Pro more repairable than the previous model? The iFixit experts decided to investigate and the result was not very surprising.

After applying some heat to help loosen the back of the iPad Pro, the experts soon moved inland with the hope of finding something new. However, they encountered a component configuration very similar to the iPad Pro launched in 2018.

The solution to be able to access the interior is to turn the rear part slightly until you find a clamp, turn it off and then start to disassemble the puzzle pieces, like the camera module. With the help of a feline friend, the experts tested the new LIDAR sensor in the equipment, which did not leave them very impressed.

IFixit notes that the USB-C port of the modular iPad Pro, thus adding a positive point when it comes to repairability. However, from this point on, disassembly became complicated due to the vast amount of strong adhesive and traps.

Trying to remove the motherboard is almost like an impossible mission, because, underneath the component, cables are hidden which, when cut, make the device completely obsolete. Recalling the disassembly of the 2018 iPad Pro, the glue around the batteries also gave the specialists a headache again.

IFixit says in its final assessment that while users can benefit from more RAM and even the LIDAR sensor, the new iPad Pro remains a "nightmare" for repair enthusiasts. In terms of repairability, the equipment maintains the same score as the previous model, standing at 3 in 10 on the scale of the American company.

Repairability score for the new iPad Pro credits: iFixit