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South Korean operator announces Identity tablet, which ironically has no identity of its own

KT Corp. (the one, which sold 130 thousand iPhones 4 in 13 hours) seems to be willing to enter the tablet market even without the participation of Apple, which has not yet announced the availability of the iPad in South Korea.

Or rather, the operator has an indirect contribution from Ma. See just the look of the tablet that KT intends to launch:

IDentity Tablet; KT Corp.

With a 7-inch LCD screen and 1GHz processor, Identity Theft Tab runs Android 2.2 ?Froyo? and has apps from both the official Google store and Olleh Market, maintained by the operator. The gadget weighs only 445 grams and has a camera rear 3 megapixel, in addition to 8GB of internal storage that can be expanded using SD cards.

Models and Identity Tab

When purchased through the operator, the tablet will come with a card to connect to WiBro, KT's 4G network. Identity still has a digital TV tuner, but it is not clear whether this will be an internal or external component of the gadget.

While the iPad and Galaxy Tab are expected to arrive in South Korea costing around $ 600, Identity will be much more attractive to budget-conscious consumers. Purchased in isolation, it only costs $ 250, but if a two-year contract is made with the operator, for $ 23 a month, the gadget is free.

Could such an onslaught harm the relationship of KT Corp. with Apple, or will the Cupertino people think the fierce competition between 7-inch tablets is good?

(via Electronist)