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Promotion: Pay as much as you want for up to 13 Mac apps!

If you, like me, love to enjoy bundles promotions to acquire several apps for Mac at a cool price, just painted another good opportunity.

The ?Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac Bundle?, from our friends at StackSocial.

Pay What You Want: Spring 2016 Mac Bundle

In this promotion you can pay as much as you want for the apps, but surpassing the general average (which is now only $ 13.96) you take all 13: Owlet, Flux 6, AfterShot Pro 2, Hands Off !, FoldersSynchronizer 4, Screens 3, AllMyMusic, iClip, FilePane, Pomodoro Time Pro, Emulsion App, skEdit 4 and Marked 2.

They are software for the most varied functions, including website construction, image editor, file synchronization, Mac remote control, recording streams, text / code editor and others. Together, believe it or not, they would all normally cost $ 946!

The offer will be on the air for only seven days, but the sooner you buy, the better (the overall average will be lower). In addition, 10% of the amount raised by StackSocial will be donated to a charity.

Enjoy! ?