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Musical Event: “One more hobby…”, and the new Apple TV comes out

Before finishing today's event, Steve Jobs did a retrospective on Apple TV and commented on problems for the product to become a success: consumers would not have gotten along with the set-top box da Ma for a number of reasons, including the need to synchronize content and manage storage, not to mention that the gadget could heat up and make noise.

Apple TV connected to TV

As a solution to all these complaints, the new Apple TV has become a black box with 25% of the size of the previous model, being now fully focused on rentals and streaming using Wi-Fi or cable. On its rear there are only the minimum connectors necessary to provide a good online video experience in high definition: HDMI, optical audio, USB, Ethernet and, of course, the power cable.

Rear doors of the new Apple TV

Nothing will be stored locally on Apple TV, but you can still see content that is on your computer. Directly from the iTunes Store, however, everything must be rented: HD movies will cost US $ 5, available on the same day they are released on DVD, and TV series free of commercials will cost only US $ 1 per episode, exclusively for the new one. set-top box.

As the rumors said, only ABC (from Disney) and FOX (from News Corp.) will participate in this system initially, but it is expected that other broadcasters will trust this rental model, if it succeeds. Apple TV can also receive content from several online sources, including Netflix, YouTube, Flickr and MobileMe.

With the new AirPlay feature, available soon for iOS 4 gadgets, it will also be possible to use iPads, iPhones or iPods touch to stream content directly to the Apple TV, continuing the fun from the same point you left off.

So many changes in hardware resulted in a brutal price change: for $ 230, Apple TV was considered a bit salty. Now it costs just $ 100, less than half, and will be available in a month, but pre-order starts now.