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Musical Event: 4th generation iPod touch gets cameras and other features from iPhone 4

After highlighting the success of the iPod touch as "iPhone without a phone and without a contract", Steve Jobs stressed the success of the gadget with games, comparing it to Sony and Nintendo products and highlighting its growth in the market. But as what good can always improve, Jobs unveiled the new generation of the most popular iPod today.

iPod touch 4G

iPod touch from the frontThe new design is even thinner than the previous generation, and even has a front VGA camera (FaceTime via Wi-Fi!) And, finally, a rear lens capable of recording videos in 720p and taking photos with 720 × 960 pixels. Its Retina screen is similar to the iPhone 4 (?The best screen in the world!?), And the new iPod touch has an A4 processor, gyroscope, comes standard with iOS 4.1 and already has Game Center when it comes out of the box.

The touch buttons remain the same, but the sleep is now on the right side, as on iPhones, and the overall design hides them almost completely when the iPod touch is seen from the front. Its battery has a range of up to 40 hours of audio playback or 7 hours of continuous video a little less than the iPhone 4, but still impressive numbers for a gadget just 7.2mm thick that weighs just over 100 grams.

iPod touch from the front, with FaceTime

There will be no entry models "from the past generation", so to speak: it will be sold in three capacities, 8GB, 32GB and 64GB, for US $ 230, US $ 300 and US $ 400, respectively. With pre-sales starting today, the new iPod touch will be available next week in the United States.

IPod touch HD camera

In Brazil, the gadget is not yet on sale, but its prices already appear on the pages of Apple Brazil: R $ 750 for the 8GB model, R $ 1,000 for the 32GB model and R $ 1,300 for the 64GB model. Anyone who wants to, can register with the Apple Online Store to receive notifications when they will be selling in Brazilian lands.