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Movavi – Get to know the application for video editing

If you like to share videos with your friends, you may be really wanting to learn how to edit and improve before uploading. For this, we created this guide where we explain everything about the video editing application of Movavi.

To get to know it better, read on and find out in depth how it works and what it offers.

1. What is Movavi?

Before we start, it is necessary to know the program in its essence. To do this, continue reading this section, where we will explain in depth everything you need to know about Movavi.

In short, he is one of the best, if not the best of the video editors available on the market. With it, it is possible to carry out all types of video editing that you can imagine, being particularly good for amateurs and beginners in the area.

In addition, it has several different versions for every purpose you can imagine, in addition to being available for both Windows computers and Macs.

What does Movavi?

What tools does it offer?

In this video editing app, you will find a truly gigantic amount of options, features and tools. It is possible to cut, accelerate and decelerate videos, in addition to adding music, filters and graphics, among several other options.

After doing all the editing, you can save with any name you want, in addition to several export options to formats such as MP4, MKV and AVI, among other extensions that you prefer.

It is ideal for those who like to take photos and record videos in a less professional manner, allowing you to correct common and easy mistakes. For example, it is possible to correct the lighting or even stabilize videos, so that you can share them with anyone.

2. What are the Movavi versions?

If what you want is exclusively a video editor, without the need for a converter, screen recorder and photo editor, everything you need is the Movavi Editor version.

However, still only in the editor, it is also possible to purchase Movavi Editor Plus. In addition to what the basic edition already offers, this version has some very convenient extra features.

Some of them are a big increase in the limit of tracks in your timeline, the possibility of adding animations to key frames of titles, highlighting and hiding tools, much faster processing and access to more stickers and music.

In addition, you will find tools for all occasions, available for purchase at the official Movavi store.

As already said, it has two versions of its application for video editing. The basic costs R $ 64.95 while the Plus version has a value of R $ 79.95. It also has two video converters, a professional editor, a video recorder and many others.

If you are looking for professional photo editors, the brand also offers. You can not only edit photos, but also create presentations with Movavi Video Editor and even edit PDFs!

3. How to use Movavi?

Now that you know everything about this application for video editing, we will explain in depth how to use it to make the most of everything it has to offer.

First, you need to go to the official website and choose the version you want. We recommend starting with the free trial of Movavi Editor. After downloading, start the installation process.

Accept the terms of the license agreement and click the "Install". Now, just open the program by clicking the button that says"Start!".

Launch video editing application

With the application open, you can open a project that is already in progress, start a new project, or create a quick video. By clicking "New project", be directed to a quick tutorial on how to use the program.

New project

Add the video you want. Now you can use the various tools in the application. Among them, the possibility of adding another video and merging the two, cutting out the newly added one, applying various filters from the collection available in Movavi.

It is also easy to include texts using the application, being able to add subtitles to the videos quickly and simply.

Just click on the left text button and choose which existing pattern you want to add. Then, you can resize as desired, change the font, write and even change colors.

Finally, you can also place the stickers you want, in addition to having access to a large filter shop, from which you can purchase many new ones.

Effects for video editing

With your creation ready, now everything you need to export! To do this, just click the button in the lower right corner that says"Export" and save it, choosing the resolution, the location to be saved, the file name and the extension.

In the evaluation version, all editions have a watermark, so it is highly recommended to buy the complete edition as soon as possible!

What about Movavi?

Leave your opinion in the comments, saying if you already knew this program or if it is new to you. To start using it, just access the link and register now!