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Macphun's Filters is a new app for Mac that also works as an extension for Photos

cone - Filters for Photos

Filter apps for images / photos on iOS exist a lot; I would even say that they are the new ?lanterns?. On Mac this is no longer so common, so I see a new application launched today by Macphun with great eyes. The Filters for Photos.

The first good news he is for free. You already get 15 cool filters and, if you sign up to subscribe to the MacPhun newsletter by email, you unlock another 15. And these are really well-crafted filters, with adjustment bars, brush for specific editions and everything.

Filters works as a standalone application on OS X, but the coolest part is that it is also an extension for Photos. In other words, you can use the ?Edit? button within Photos and select Filters from the ?Extenses? menu to apply the effects to your photos without having to leave it.

When you are satisfied with the result, just save and export / share as you wish. ?

(via Macworld)