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Live on YouTube and Instagram at the same time: how to do it

We live in an indistinct moment in our recent history. Due to the crisis with the coronavirus, it is necessary to stay at home and in isolation. In other words, it is not enough to just stay at home, nor can we invite friends and family to visit us.

Not surprisingly, our latest articles covered ways to connect digitally, with this list of apps to meet online and showing Houseparty, a smartphone app until then unknown, but which has become an ally for dealing with social isolation.

If many people close to you have already told you that the profession of content creator was not useful, now is the time to prove otherwise. Now it's time to fill the entire calendar of your app to schedule posts on Instagram!

With many people confined, some of them are working on the home office regime. However, several others do not have the possibility to work at home to earn money and need a distraction from the flood of information about the virus.

This is where the content creator comes in: through your posts on Instagram or videos on YouTube, you can entertain the public and offer comfort, talking about issues other than Covid-19. One of the ways to do this with lives on social networks.

Do you already have a follower base on Instagram and are you on YouTube, the largest video site in the world? How about learning how to live on YouTube and Instagram at the same time?

Check with us below!

How to live on YouTube and Instagram at the same time?

Although both social media are technology giants, it is not possible to live on YouTube and Instagram at the same time without the help of external applications.

In that case, two software are needed that can help you. The first one is OBS Studio, which can be downloaded free of charge through the link. It facilitates the configuration of live broadcasts from the computer.

The second While OBS Studio is excellent for configuring broadcasts, Ciclano makes it possible to live on YouTube and Instagram at the same time. Just register using email or your Facebook profile.

It is worth mentioning that simultaneous lives can only be performed from your computer. Check also on AppTuts how to live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time and how to live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time.

Next, see the step by step to set up your first live stream simultaneously!

How to configure your transmission in OBS?

If you have already downloaded OBS Studio on your computer, open the application and click on the"+"at the bottom right of the screen, where the box is locatedSources.

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<p>Now, select the alternative<strong>Video Capture Device</strong>.</p>
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