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Live on Youtube and Facebook at the same time: how to do it?

With the confinement imposed by the coronavirus threat, the work of the content creator became even more important. After all, the increase in free time for those who need to be isolated, but cannot work at home, needs to be filled in some way.

The purpose of this is not merely an empty time fill. It is worth mentioning that, with a pandemic that has not been seen for about a century, as it happened with Covid-19, it is normal for cases of anxiety and problems with mental health to worsen.

this is what content creators can and should help to combat, filling these spaces through their work. It is not surprising that live streaming metrics have grown rapidly in recent days.

So it's interesting that you can live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time. That way, you increase your reach by making live streams on two of the most used social networks in the world.

How to live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time?

YouTube is one of the largest video sites in the world. Still, it is not possible to have simultaneous lives natively, in the same way that we showed in our guide to live on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.

Therefore, it is necessary to use a combination of applications: OBS Studio and While the first ideal for making lives on the PC, the second who will make it possible to transmit simultaneously in both applications.

Thus, only those who blocked you on Facebook will be unable to watch your broadcast. And yet that person still has a chance to find you on YouTube!

To start configuring your simultaneous transmissions, just download OBS Studio from the link and then make your registration on the page of Ciclano. You can do this using your email or your Facebook profile.

It is worth remembering how interesting it is to have a well-filled bio to convince future viewers of your lives to follow your Fan Page on Face. So, check out these biography suggestions for Facebook.

Check out the step by step to live on YouTube and Facebook at the same time right away!

Step 1: set up streaming in OBS Studio

After installing OBS Studio on your computer – the only place where you can live on YouTube and Facebook simultaneously – you must click on the ?+?In the lower right corner of the screen, in the boxSources.

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<p>Then select the option<strong>Video Capture Device</strong>.</p>
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