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Learn what to do to bring your iPhone Messaging app back to life, if you have been trolled

A little over a month ago, we showed here on the website a bug in iOS that makes an iPhone very slow or leaves it totally paralyzed simply by playing a ?simple? video. Because another of the kind has just appeared, and this ?Kills? the Messages app (Messages).

Check it out on the video:

Basically, the hack consists of a file YOU F (vCard, contacts) super heavy and filled with malicious code that, if sent to someone via iMessage and opened, completely crashes the app. And the worst: there is no point in closing the app and not even restarting the iPhone, it does not come back to life.

We will not teach here how to download such a file and send it to someone, but since there is a lot of pig spirit, we have already started to receive one or another report from readers affected by the failure. So, here's the tip on how to bring the app back to life: access this link and allow it to open the Messages app. Another option is to ask Siri to send a message to someone, and when she shows you the preview text, touch it to open it in the Messages app.

The patch link was published by the creator of the infected VCF file itself, and now it is rooted for Apple to apply an official / definitive protection on iOS. Until the second beta version of 10.2.1, it is worth noting, the bug is still present.

(via Cult of Mac)