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iPad is used as a dish (yes, the utensil) in an American restaurant

If you think the culmination of gastronomy would be to add art and serve food on a ?table-screen? (just as it happened in MasterChef Professionals), this news will surprise you.

As the SFist, the restaurant Quince, located in San Francisco (California, United States), is serving food on iPads. It is not a kind of iFood, in which you order from the iPad. You didn't read it wrong: they are literally using the iPad as a plate (utensil). The initiative, which brings together gastronomy, technology and art, was an attempt to attract the eyes of the youngest.

Apparently, the move worked:

The name of the dish ?A Dog in Search of Gold? (something like ?A Dog in Search of Gold?) and, in his description, it reads ?white truffle croquettes on iPads reproducing videos of water dogs hunting truffles?. Although it seems incredible, there are some concerns, for example, the method of washing iPads for reuse (what will the San Francisco Department of Public Health think of this?).

For me and you, this may be a novelty, especially when it comes to a restaurant that received three stars in this year's Michelin Guide, but according to the Daily Mail, the idea appeared in the UK last year.

every thing that appears to me ?

(via 9to5Mac)