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Firm estimates that only 3% of those who downloaded Super Mario Run paid their $ 10; Apple says number is higher

Nintendo celebrated when, on December 21st, Super Mario Run surpassed 40 million downloads in the App Store. Soon after, she warned by the game that she had hit 50 million and, currently, it must be around the incredible mark of 90 million.

But how many of those passed the three free initial stages and were convinced to pay the ten Trumps $ 10 to unlock the entire game?

According to a research firm called Newzoo, about 3%. This means that, in terms of revenue, Nintendo must have had about US $ 18.9 million and Apple with ~ US $ 8.1 million considering the traditional 70/30 division.

As neither Nintendo nor Apple released the official number, a priori we will have to believe in Newzoo's number. But the AppleInsider decided to question Ma and heard from sources that the number would be "greater than 3%" determined by Newzoo. Still, very vague; 4% (actually less) would easily fit that.

THE WSJ, which released Newzoo's survey, even cites that, before being acquired by Activision, the Candy Crush phenomenon had a rate of only 2% of paying users compared to its total monthly users. In other words, Super Mario Run would not be far from that and, in his case, we are talking about a significant transaction, of US $ 10.

Regardless of what the real value is, the thing is positive for Nintendo, which, it is worth remembering, has already committed itself to 2-3 new mobile games per year.

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