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Create GIFs easily with the Gifstory app

Cats doing feats, a celebrity making faces and mouths, or maybe a funny reaction from some stranger. What would the Internet be without GIFs? Just look at most social networks to see that these animations are taking over the internet.

There is a huge amount of GIFs that we can easily share and some services even offer a database of them but anyone who has tried to create one knows that it is not that simple. If you've ever seen it and thought, "This deserved a GIF!" but he simply gave up on the idea for the effort he would have to make, I present the application Gifstory.

Gifstory - GIF Camera, Editor and Converter of Photo, Live Photo, and Video to GIF app icon

With Gifstory, you create GIFs as if you were recording a normal video, but with a time limit of four seconds. You can choose either the front or rear camera (in the latter you can choose to turn on the flash or not). After recording, you can choose: which frames (frames) discard, the size of your GIF (square or rectangular), the reproduction direction (normal or backwards) and also apply some filters (some free and some paid). When everything is ready, just share on social media. ?

Although you don't have the option of importing images or videos to create GIFs, the application certainly saves a lot of time for those who like to capture the moment (or make a stop motion and share it quickly without having to work frame by frame.

The app is only available for iPhones for $ 1 on the App Store and also has purchases within it (filters).

(via MacStories)