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Apple confirms that it will invest $ 1 billion in SoftBank technology fund

Confirming a rumor appeared almost a month ago, Apple reported today [closed matter to subscribers] to Wall Street Journal that investing, in fact, $ 1 billion at the SoftBank Vision Fund.

Originally launched last October, the fund created by SoftBank aims to raise funds in an estimated total of US $ 100 billion to support new companies / technological initiatives, and with its investment, Apple shows that it is looking at what can be done well from there to future products / services, mainly in terms of artificial intelligence, deep learning, robotics and connected devices.

Kristin Huguet, Apple spokesperson, sent the following statement to WSJ:

We believe that their new fund [from SoftBank] will accelerate the development of technologies that may be strategically important for Apple.

This is the second $ 1 billion investment Apple has made in recent months; the first was at Didi Chuxing, which later bought the Uber operation in China.

SoftBank itself, which in 2012 acquired the American operator Sprint, an old partner of Apple. In mid-2008, it was the first operator to strike a deal with Ma to sell iPhones in Japan; in March 2014, by the way, some interesting curiosities emerged from this contract between the two companies.

[via Business Insider]