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Apple appeals against European Union decision that charges R $ 45 billion; claims it is a “convenient target”

Until it took a little longer than we expected, but here we are with the newest chapter of the novel Apple vs. European Union. After the economic group accused Ma of taking advantage of an undue tax benefit granted by the Irish government for 25 years and charging the company an exorbitant amount of 13 billion (approximately R $ 45 billion), Apple's legal department responded today to the accusations by saying that it is appealing against the decision and that the company is being used as a target because of its notoriety.

European Commission

In a statement Reuters, Apple's General Counsel for Legal Affairs, Bruce Sewell, said that the European Union's antitrust board moved by ?headlines? and chose Apple as a ?convenient target? in the sense of being one of the largest companies in the world and, therefore, generating a good amount of headlines in the world (in this sense, in fact, they did).

In addition, Sewell said that the European Commission ignored evidence presented by the Irish defense and took a unilateral decision, ?retroactively changing the rules, disregarding decades of Irish tax law, as well as the global consensus on tax policies in which all businesses and governments have always been based ?. From their respective sides, both the European Commission and the Irish government have published details of their arguments on the case.

Those who are also not happy with the EU decision, the Obama administration, the government even suggested that everything is just a ploy by the leaders of the Old World to gather money that, in the end, belongs to the United States. In this sense, I am very curious to know what the future President Donald Trump's instance on the matter is.

This is a story that will certainly still give a lot of cloth to the mangoes, so wait for the scenes from the next chapters.

(via Cult of Mac)