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10 best programs for managing emails

Some use programs to manage emails just to keep the inbox clean. For others, finding the best way to turn this medium into a killer sales platform.

If you fall under the second option, then prepare your note-taking app. Throughout the next few paragraphs, you will learn about some of the best programs for managing emails. These platforms make it possible to create and manage campaigns that can help you make money on the internet, especially if you work from home.

So, check below the best programs to manage emails!

1. E-Goi

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<p>E-Goi is one of the main email marketing platforms on the market. It brings several models to create professional emails easily and quickly, as well as other tools to automate your marketing processes.</p>
<p>There, you can create and manage your entire email marketing campaign from scratch. E-Goi allows you to create forms to capture contacts, automatic email templates for online stores and even test different templates and compare results.</p>
<p>All of this accompanied by a robust tool to generate reports, in which you can have an idea of ??the open rate of your emails, segment your readers according to their behavior and even how many sales were made from that platform.</p>
<p>So now click on the link to test E-Goi to manage your emails!</p>
<h2>2. MailChimp</h2>
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