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WhatsApp bug shows 'last seen' by those who disabled the function | Social networks

WhatsApp is showing the "last seen" of people who have disabled the function. The bug, until this Monday (16), was noticed in the web and desktop versions of the messenger, and, to a lesser extent, in the mobile app. On Twitter, users report the problem in random conversations, implying that not everyone who disabled the function was affected. Searched by TechTudo, WhatsApp admitted the problem and said it was working on a solution.

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Even having the function Even having the function

Even though the "last seen" function is disabled, the user's information is shown in a conversation Photo: Reproduo / TechTudo

The "last seen" shows WhatsApp contacts the last time someone was online. Many people prefer to disable the feature because it can report when a user opened the app, but did not read a particular message or read and did not want to reply. Whoever deactivates this option also loses the privilege of knowing at what time their contacts entered the app for the last time.

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In response to TechTudo, the company limited itself to saying that "WhatsApp is aware of this bug and is working to resolve it". There is still no forecast for when the correction arrives. There is also nothing that users can do to avoid or solve the problem, other than to wait.

On Twitter, users complain about the bug that shows 'last seen' Photo: Reproduo / TechTudoOn Twitter, users complain about the bug that shows 'last seen' Photo: Reproduo / TechTudo

On Twitter, users complain about the bug that shows 'last seen' Photo: Reproduo / TechTudo

It is worth mentioning that and the confirmation of reading was not reached by the failure in the messenger. By disabling the famous blue check, no one can be sure whether a message has been read or not – even knowing what time WhatsApp was open.

Other privacy options on WhatsApp are working normally and can be used for those who want to feel less exposed in the messaging app on both PC and mobile.

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Although it is not possible to configure the "last seen" on WhatsApp Web, when you disable the feature on your Android or iPhone (iOS) phone, it will hide the information on any device. To do so, just go to: Settings (on Android) or Settings (on iPhone / iOS)> Account> Privacy> Last seen. TechTudo has a complete tutorial on the function.

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