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Want an Apple Switch? New Gamevice controls offer greater compatibility, charging via Lightning and headphone output

Nintendo's new console, the Switch, has twisted necks around the world for its physical shape, say, inspires: the center part is a kind of touch-sensitive tablet that can be connected to a dock to transmit its contents to a TV; when in portable use, however, two small and intriguing controls, called JoyCons, connect to their sides.

If you like the idea but are not interested in spending money on a video game console, know that the line of MFi controls (Made For iPhone) gives Gamevice it got a good update with welcome news and the main feature, which turns your iPhone or iPad into a true portable console, remains exactly the same.

New Gamevice accessory for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

The new line consists of four versions: there are models for the iPad Pro of 12.9 ?, iPad Air and Pro of 9.7 ?, iPad mini and for the iPhones 7/7 Plus. All models feature the same design that folds when not in use, and connect with the device via Lightning (thus reducing the latency of the controls). There are two analogue directional buttons, one cross-hairs, four steel buttons (A, B, Y, X), four upper buttons and a menu button.

An interesting novelty in relation to the previous version of the line is the inclusion of a Lightning door in the accessory to charge the iGadget during gambling this is especially useful considering that, unlike the previous model, now the control does not need to be charged and takes energy from the smartphone / tablet itself (and according to the manufacturer, energy consumption is similar to that of a headphone, that is, almost despicable). In addition, the buttons have been redesigned for greater comfort and accuracy, and finally, time for iPhone 7 owners to celebrate with joy, all models bring their own headphone outlet.

Gamevice's new models all cost $ 100. The iPad Air and iPad Pro versions of 9.7 ? and 12.9 ? are already available for sale in Apple stores, while the models for iPhone 7 and iPad mini will arrive in a week, on January 31. Gamevice also offers a free app for iOS that lists to the user all games compatible with the accessory, with the option of filtering titles by category or between paid and free. Nice, huh?

(via MacRumors)