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To power its nearby data center, Apple will build 200 megawatt solar park in Nevada

Apple today announced an agreement with the local power company NV Energy to build (more) a solar park in the American state of Nevada, where the most important of its data centers which is also expanding, incidentally.

Apple Solar Panel

The new mega structure provides 200 megawatts additional energy, and NV Energy will receive, as part of the agreement, up to 5 megawatts of this production to distribute in its future solar energy program. Speaking about the announcement, Apple's vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson, commented:

The investment in clean and innovative sources of vital energy for Apple's commitment to reaching and maintaining 100% renewable energy energizing all of our operations. The partnership with NV Energy helps us to assure our users that their iMessages, FaceTime calls and Siri orders are powered by clean energy, in addition to supporting efforts to offer Nevada residents and businesses the option of renewable energy.

As for the huge data center da Ma in the locality, another is being built in the vicinity to complement its capabilities. Since Apple loves to boast that 100% of its data centers already run on clean energy, building this new solar park looks like an obvious move in view of expanding the ambitions of Tim Cook and his gang in the state of Nevada.

(via MacRumors)