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The power of Apple: AirPods lead online wireless headset sales [atualizado]

It took, but the AirPods began to be officially sold at the beginning of December and, completing almost a month, we already have great numbers.

Slice Intelligence survey on AirPod sales

The research firm Slice Intelligence released graphics showing the steady growth of the wireless headphones market over the past two years. Focusing on the United States, the last month showed that 75% of online headset sales were from wireless models; in comparison, the percentage in the same period in 2015 was 50%.

Slice Intelligence survey on AirPod sales

Apple managed an incredible 26% of the market with AirPods, only with online sales since December 13, when the headphones were launched. In a month, Ma took over from Beats, which led the market with 24% before AirPods were launched and now has 15% (behind Bose). remember that, being Beats an Apple brand, we can consider that the Cupertino giant has basically 40% of the wireless headphones market!

Slice Intelligence survey on AirPod sales

Sales on December 13 were 10x higher than in the pre-Christmas period. But what was most shocking was knowing that, on the same day, online sales beat Amazon Prime Day, the sexta-feira Negra and the Cyber ??Monday (specifically speaking of wireless headset sales, of course).

Slice Intelligence survey on AirPod sales

Regarding interest in age, research shows that, while the product attracts the young male audience (generation Y, millenials), in the female audience women over 50 years old predominate (baby boomers). This gender survey was done with 2,871 online sales between December 13th and 31st (again: in the USA).

To conduct the research, 353,926 online purchases in the American market were anonymously analyzed. However, it is possible that Apple's official numbers are different. Anyway, it is still a parameter to have a legal idea of ??what, as Tim Cook has been saying, a ?success?.



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Update · 01/17/2017 s 12:40

We may have had an advantage too soon. This is because, according to the NPD Group, AirPods even had good numbers in December 2016, but they would be far from having the market share that Slice showed.

Unlike Slice, the NPD included Amazon and also physical stores in the search. This showed the real share according to them the share acquired by AirPods in the headphones market: only 2% (in units) and 3% (in sales / cash). In comparison, Beats has 25% (in units) and 46% (in sales), Bose has 8% (in units) and 19% (in sales), and even LG has 10% (units) and 7 % (sales), followed by Sony with 7% (units) and 6% (sales).

Together with Apple are Plantronics and Jaybird, both with 2% in both units and sales. The fact that the AirPods have achieved 2% and 3% seems little, but the market is really big and we have to take into account that we are talking about a product with only one month of life even if it is not as big as we expected, there is still a lot time ahead for Ma to conquer more of the market.

Furthermore, since no one can still find AirPods in physical stores, this also counts negatively (which is ironic, I know) for Apple's sales performance.

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