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Snaptube: Create your own playlist of movies and videos offline

Available for free for Android, Snaptube allows you to download videos and music from the web to consume offline; know how to use

If you are the type you usually use mobile data you often know that we do not always have a high speed connection at our disposal. Whether traveling to remote locations or in common hectic routine situations, it can be difficult to find a source of entertainment, especially if the network where we are unstable.

To solve this problem, the Snaptube promises to completely change the way you watch movies and TV shows. At a time when we are all dependent on streaming applications, which only work when you have a good network connection, Snaptube presents itself as a superior alternative to the options available on Google Play Store.

Once accessing the application, the user can create a playlist with your favorite videos and audio files. All the selected content is then stored in the phone's memory and whenever the user wants to enjoy the contents, even when their mobile data is exhausted, it is possible to reproduce them normally, from the own app or the native smartphone player.

In practice, the Snaptube able to download everything we watch online, whether on Youtube, at the Facebook, at the Instagram and on other networks.

How Snaptube helps you create an offline playlist


If you use a lot of social media sites and cannot always see all the content of the videos due to a shortage of time, how about saving them to watch later? How Snaptube, it is not only possible to save them to the phone memory but also to share downloads with your personal contacts you can get that video you watched on Twitter and send it to your group Whatsapp, for example.

In addition to being a powerful tool for downloading content from the internet, Snaptube also promises to be a great source of entertainment: while connected to a Wi-Fi network or with mobile data left over, the user can view numerous viral videos. With that, instead of downloading different apps to interact on the web, you can just use Snaptube to watch (and download) everything that is pumping on social networks.

Know the main attractions of Snaptube:

  • The app is able to access various social media platforms and online multimedia content, being a complete source for entertainment and social interaction;
  • completely free;
  • Allows you to download the videos in batch and in multiple resolutions, including UHD resolution (4K), if supported by the video;
  • Has integration with Google and Facebook, allowing the user to log into the app with their accounts for both services and synchronize their favorite videos and content, including the playlists and history of the YouTube.

Pros and cons

snaptube-download-in-batch-disclosureIf desired, the user can also download several videos at once


  • Unlimited and completely free entertainment;
  • Interface similar to that of a common browser, which makes it simple and easy to use;
  • It allows the downloading of videos in batch and in multiple resolutions, besides allowing the conversion of the content in MP3 audio;


  • It is not available on the Google Play Store. it is necessary to download the installation file (APK) from the official website and install it;
  • Audio files can only be downloaded at a quality rate of 160kbps;
  • The notifications issued by the app can be annoying to some users;

How to download and use Snaptube



To install the Snaptube on your smartphone, you must find the installation file (APK) in some secure source. Abroad, the app is officially available in the app stores of Xiaomi and the Huawei, but in the case of Brazil, the best option is to visit the official website of the developers from from this link and download the file.

If this is your first time installing an APK file, remember to allow the installation of third-party applications, calls Unknown sources.

Finding the right content for you

With the app already installed, just open the Snaptube and search for your favorite movie, music or TV show in the search bar. Note that if the content is available on sites like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube, it is also possible to paste the link on the same bar to access it from the Snaptube.

Saving to watch offline


After finding the right video, tap it to play. Once playback has started, note that there will be a download button right next to it. If you want to download the video, tap this button, select the desired resolution, the location where you want to save the content and start the download.

When the file is already downloaded, you can watch it even if you have no network and in any player you want.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the Snaptube it can also be useful for those hours when we don't want to interact with the world and just need isolation. In these situations, just download your favorite movies and videos, put your phone in airplane mode and enjoy the contents without interruption some.