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Skype gains new look and option to record the screen during calls | Social networks

Skype arrived this Monday (16th) verse 8.0 for PC with a refurbished design, inspired by the mobile application. In addition to functionality improvements, such as months and heavy file sharing, the program will gain a native call recording feature by the end of July. According to the The Verge, the novelty will be released for all versions of the communicator for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iPhone (iOS).

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Microsoft debuts new Skype for PC and promises call recording Photo: Divulgao / MicrosoftMicrosoft debuts new Skype for PC and promises call recording Photo: Divulgao / Microsoft

Microsoft debuts new Skype for PC and promises call recording Photo: Divulgao / Microsoft

The program had been in testing for a few months now and a free update to the classic Skype for desktop. It differs from the version of the application that comes with Windows, which remains unchanged. The company did not mention whether there is a combination of the applications. For now, there are two Skype for Windows programs, one pre-installed on Windows 10 and the other optional. According to Microsoft, Skype 7.0 and older variants will only be active until September, when Skype 8.0 becomes mandatory.

In addition to a new look, the app has customizable themes, easier to share the computer screen in a call and the possibility to reposition the video windows. The program also features compatibility with bots to book tickets and plan trips via chat. Microsoft promises more features for Skype 8.0 soon, such as message read warning and private conversations with Signal Protocol encryption, the same used in Signal messenger.

The call recorder is in the list of functions provided for the new version of the messenger. By the end of July, the feature is expected to reach all Skype users, including Skype 8.0 for desktop. According to the manufacturer, all participants in the call will be notified when a voice or video recording starts. The feature is cloud-based and can be accessed from any device. The novelty should eliminate the need to install third-party programs, which, until then, were the only alternative for recording voice and video conversations on the platform.

Via Microsoft and The Verge

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