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Patent to lock: external wireless communication module and many patents for AirPlay and AirPrint

A patent highlighted today by Patently Apple it may interest many of you: it describes a wireless communication module that can be used to, among other possibilities, grant an iPod touch access to cellular networks.

External transceiver patent

The equipment in question is very similar in operation to a hot spot portable like MiFi: it accesses a cell phone network and connects, wired or wireless, an electronics with which it is paired. In addition to providing cellular connection to iPod touch, such an accessory could also allow an iPhone to access two different telephone networks at the same time.

Such an accessory could be successful and help Apple circumvent exclusivity with AT&T in the United States: the iPhone 4 would continue to be sold tied to only one telecom, but an ?iSpot? could be purchased separately to provide data connection (or also voice) using other operators. Additionally, anyone wishing to expand the capabilities of an iPod touch could use this device.

In addition, another 26 (!) Less relevant patents were published today.

. . .

THE AppleInsider separated 11 patents published this week, all with connection to the new iOS services for communicating with wireless accessories, AirPlay and AirPrint. In general, the documents describe methods of interaction with different contents using different equipment (the kitchen sink was missing, but the dishwasher was listed among possible applications) and even the use of short-range communications.

The titles of the documents are very self-explanatory and can provide a glimpse of what the future holds:

  • Remote access to advanced features in a playlist media player;
  • Communication between accessory and mobile computing device using a communication protocol application;
  • Communication application with external accessories;
  • Detection and processing of button pressure events to perform operations on electronic devices;
  • Accessory interface for portable media devices using sessions;
  • Identification of accessories for mobile computing devices;
  • Accessory transceiver for mobile devices (the patent detailed above);
  • Identification of accessories for mobile devices;
  • Automatic identification of compatible applications and accessories;
  • Connection to multiple accessories with specific protocols for multiple accessories;
  • Capacities of mobile computing device for accessories.