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Megacomparação puts pixels of the cameras of iPhones 3G / S / 4 side by side with those of a Canon 550D

Admit it: you must have had the curiosity to see images from the cameras of several generations of iPhones being compared very closely with each other and with a real camera. Now it's time to kill curiosity, because the fosfor did a great job of recording images in a variety of light and zoom conditions. In the end, the test only served to attest to the obvious (the iPhone 4 is undoubtedly the best), except that we all know that the important thing is the path taken, not the arrival.

Comparison of iPhones cameras - fosfor

Have fun with some of the images!

Comparison of iPhones cameras - fosfor

Despite providing a clear image, the iPhone 4 still lacks the issue of colors, which end up leaving a little too "washed". Interesting to see that when we talk about photography Professional, there is really no way a smartphone can replace a good 18 megapixel DSLR more than triple the iPhone 4!

Comparison of iPhones cameras - fosfor

A slightly closer image is practically unrecognizable on an iPhone 3G (fixed focus), something that in other generations is not a problem. Notice how the iPhone 4 can highlight print dots. Oh, and unfortunately the Canon 550D had to be a little far from the object, to generate an appropriate image with its 1.4 lens, so the above comparison is not perfect.

Comparison of iPhones cameras - fosfor

In this sequence we can clearly see (pun, hehe) how much the quality of the sensor used in Ma's smartphone has evolved: while the iPhone 3G generates an image that can barely be read comfortably, the 4 proves something that can be used almost as a scan. Detail that the HDR feature further improves the photography of text pages I imagine that this should leave the Prizmo brutally turbocharged.

To check out more images, be sure to check out the full comparison, divided into four parts on fosfor: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Now, to put it to shame, someone could put an image of the iPod touch 4G next to these.

(via MacNN)