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LeThink MacBook clone comes with two removable batteries

The market for counterfeit products is very strong because it ends up catching less informed consumers, who buy cat in a poke. Asian LeThink is one of those ?profiteers?, who recently launched a MacBook clone that looks very close to the real thing.

Lethink fake MacBook

The big difference of the ?LeThink MacBook? is that it comes with two batteries, both removable. The sliding side can be replaced by a DVD player (but you lose it in autonomy, hehe).

Lethink fake MacBook

The clone comes with an Intel Atom D510 processor dual-core 1.66GHz, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, GMA 3150 graphics, two USB 2.0 ports, VGA and HDMI outputs, LAN port and SD slot. It measures 338x227x27.2mm, weighs 1.75kg and runs Windows, of course.

Lethink fake MacBook

In China, the laptop can be found for about 3,000 yuan (about R $ 775), in its most basic version.

(via Engadget)