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iSuppli estimates that the new Apple TV costs less than $ 64 to manufacture [atualizado]

Apple is notorious for its fat and thick profit margins, so it kind of took me by surprise this article from BusinessWeek saying that the production of the new set-top box da Ma can cost less than $ 64. What do you mean, Apple has a $ 35 profit per unit? An iPod nano yields more than three times that!

Apple TV disassembled by iFixit

The most expensive component in the device is the A4 processor, which costs $ 16.55; the 8GB NAND flash memory, in turn, is the second most valuable, costing $ 14 to Infinite Loop vaults. "As soon as we saw the first A4 chip on the iPad, it became very clear to us that Apple's plan was to use it on a number of devices," said Andrew Rassweiler, an analyst at iSuppli who came up with these estimates. ?It makes sense to control costs throughout the production chain.?

Pausing to think, until it justifies Apple to have a relatively lower profit with this gadget specifically, since a good part of its use is associated with the consumption of paid content in the iTunes Store. Of course, it is possible to use an Apple TV just by streaming from your library on a local computer, but let's face it, it's not the same.

(via Cult of Mac)


Some additional information has been released in the press release iSuppli official just now, and one of them seems like a learning moment for Apple. Did you know that the original Apple TV was sold practically without profit or, even worse, with a small subsidy? Leaving that to a 35% margin is quite a leap.

In addition, iSuppli folks compare the Apple Remote to a ?ship in a bottle?, because of the way its components are to be inserted into the housing unibody, and note that there is a slot for an additional NAND flash memory chip, most likely cut to keep the cost low. Of the 8GB available, only about 6GB are available for content in streaming and the rest is occupied with iOS and other files.

One more thing For the first time iSuppli identified a component of Analogix Semiconductor Inc., after hundreds of products analyzed.