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In new venture into the business market, Apple announces partnership with SAP

After years and years practically ignoring the world corporate, Apple today took another big step in its crusade to conquer this market already saturated by other companies. After collaborations with IBM and Cisco, today Ma announced a partnership with SAP, a multinational in addition to business software and one of the largest in the world in the business.

Apple is announcing the partnership with pomp, placing a banner on the home page of its American website and updating its page on the iPad in the business detailing all the news of the collaboration.

The ?junction of forces?, as Apple defines itself, helps companies around the world to redesign their business processes. A new SDK will be made available and will allow the creation of applications for iOS that use the company's broad SAP HANA intelligence platform, used in 87% of the 2,000 largest companies in the world including, see, Apple itself.

This announcement represents a paradigm shift also for SAP itself, whose systems so far have been limited to use on computers and more stout machines. With the entry into the mobile world of Apple, developers will now be able to incorporate new technologies into the corporate solutions of each company, such as security improvements using Touch ID, refined communication systems, or location-based services, alerts and notifications, for example .

On a related note, SAP today also announced a partnership with IBM and its cognitive computing technology which could potentially create a ?triangle? of collaboration between these two companies and Apple, which, as noted above, already maintains a cooperative relationship with IBM for two years.