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Developer creates PieMessage, a very unofficial tool for using iMessage on Android

Perhaps this news was of most public interest a few hours ago, but Apple's traditionally closed and exclusive courier, the iMessage, found his freedom thanks to a fearless developer. Eric Chee posted on GitHub the PieMessage, an open source project designed to bring the service to devices running the Android.

iMessage for Android

Other tools have been made available before to allow iMessage to ?multi-platform?, but all of them required a third-party server to serve as an intermediary between the Android device and the iOS receiver, which was potentially unsafe and unstable. PieMessage solves this problem using the user's own Mac as a server, a client for OS X takes on the role of intermediary.

The project on GitHub, still in verse alpha (very initial), has the client for OS X, the client for Android, a Java Web Server and messages.applescript, the essential part of the tool, which allows the sending / receiving of messages. Chee notes that PieMessage is a work in progress, still incomplete it is already possible to receive messages from groups, but sending still has its limitations, he says. He hopes that other developers can get involved in the project and make further improvements, such as integration with other Windows-like platforms, which is possible thanks to the use of a custom API.

Not everything is flowers, however. The developer also states that it is possible for Apple to change the next versions of OS X to prevent the script and, in effect, end PieMessage and its liberating aspirations. In the meantime, we can watch the video above, showing the tool in action.

(via 9to5Mac)