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Deutsche Bank: iPad has two years advantage over competing tablets

Just as the iPod was not the first portable music player, the iPhone was not the first smartphone and the iPad was not the first tablet on the market. The three, however, seem to have something in common: they changed all the rules of the game and the competition took months (or years) to be able to achieve what Apple achieved almost overnight.

iPad runnerTake me, if you can! Ha-ha!

In a note released today by Deutsche Bank, Chris Whitmore estimates that other tablets will take 12 to 18 months to reach the number of apps available for the Apple tablet, or up to 2 years to replicate an integration and media acquisition system like iTunes. And the experience of users, who ultimately ends up selling the product? "Ultimately, we expect the huge number of competitors to come will fall apart in the user's touching experience, as they struggle to catch up with the iPad in terms of price," Whitmore wrote.

One of the causes for this inability to compete with Apple on the price tag may be the fact that Ma consumes absurdly profane amounts of components, which gives it a huge advantage in negotiating lower prices. Just to give you an idea, only one company consumes a quarter of all the flash memory in the world, and its name starts with "Apple" and ends with "Inc."

The competition will certainly struggle until it catches up with Apple in this field, and when they finally launch a $ 500 tablet that is not a bomb, the iPad 2 will change everything again, again, again.

(via Fortune Tech)