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Coronavirus: HP makes 3D printing projects available to help fight the pandemic

HP provides 3D files for reproducing facial shields, respirators and door openers. Company has donated more than 1,000 pieces printed by partners

THE HP donated over a thousand 3D printed parts for hospitals in order to help combat COVID-19, a disease caused by the new coronavirus. Donated items include facial shields, door openers that do not require the use of hands, and portable respirators.

The Research and Development centers in Spain, the USA and Canada, linked to the company, work with partners around the world to increase the production of pieces To the hospitals.

The company also made available the files of validated projects of pieces that do not require complex assembly. In addition to bringing the archives of pieces, the page enables designers and developers to innovate in 3D contribute new ideas and applications related to this type of print.

Health professionals use 3D printed masksFacial shields were among the 3D printed pieces donated by HP.

3D pieces validated for reproduction

Some of the first pieces validated, printed and donated to hospitals by the company to the hospitals were:

  • Door opener: adapter that allows the person to open the door using the elbow (handles are among the objects most contaminated by the new coronavirus);
  • Mask Adjuster: closure designed to improve comfort and relieve pain in the ears due to the continuous use of the masks;
  • Facial shields: It is one of the most needed personal protection items.

?We are identifying the pieces needed and validating the design to start printing them in 3D"

Enrique Lores, HP president and CEO.

Between the pieces that are in the testing and validation phase to be printed are:

  • Field fan: parts for bag-valve-mask (BVM) designed for use as emergency ventilation for patients with COVID-19
  • FFP3 facial masks: hospital level protection equipment for medical service providers

If you need support in developing related print applications 3D or wish to request pieces, it is possible to send requests to HP.

Source: HP