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“Carpool Karaoke”, on Apple Music, will have a different presenter for each episode

As we already know, a version of success ?Carpool Karaoke?picture of The Late Late Show with James Corden, be part of the catalog of Apple Music. Now, the Variety brought more details about the production.

This new version of the board will be made exclusively for Apple Music and will have 16 half-hour episodes each. At first, when the news that Ma bought the painting's rights came, there were rumors that Corden wouldn't be the presenter, which discouraged many people.

Now, this is confirmed. In fact, there will be no fixed presenter; all episodes will have different people. The reason for this, as producer Ben Winston reported, is that ?what James does is so special and unique; nonsense to try to replicate that ?. But Corden doesn?t stay still; he will join Winston and Eric Pankowski in producing the program. He explains that he will try to do something "out of the box" by bringing together very different people.

We are very excited about the combinations we are putting together. These junctions include more traditional musical options like John Legend and Alicia Keys, and Seth MacFarlane and Ariana Grande, but also some more out of the box like Billy Eichner in the passenger seat, surrounded by the band Metallica, or the former NFL player and host in talk show Michael Strahan with NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon.

This means that several stars that are not part of the musical branch may appear on the program.

We don?t call Will Smith [no The Late Late Show]. So many people got in touch with us, big movie stars, and we didn't think it was really for us. But here on Apple Music, perfect.

From what Corden reports, it seems that Ma is giving the same freedom to video content producers that it usually gives music producers what they really do. For now, there is still no right date for the debut, but one thing is certain: only Apple Music subscribers will have access to the content.

[via MacRumors]