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Apple wants to manufacture equipment for its data centers at its plant in Arizona (USA) [atualizado: negado!]

A few years ago, Apple put an interesting plan into practice with GT Advanced. In summary, the companies joined in a partnership to build a factory in Mesa, Arizona (United States), to manufacture components that would be used in Ma products (more specifically sapphire screens for iPhones).

Former GT Advanced factory

Apple advanced $ 578 million to GT, which in turn would manufacture sapphire, returning the money advanced by Ma over five years (providing products, of course). All this starting in 2015.

It didn't work. GT was unable to produce sapphire at the standards required by Apple and quickly filed for bankruptcy, leaving Tim Cook's company with an empty factory in hand.

Shortly after the episode, Apple announced a plan to reuse the factory. With an investment of US $ 2 billion, the idea was to transform the 120 thousand square meters site into a global command center for its data centers. Now, in early 2017, another chapter of this story is being written.

According to a notice published by Federal Register released by Business Insider , Apple now wants to use the space also to manufacture the equipment that is used in its data centers.

In summary, the Cupertino firm is seeking approval from the Foreign Trade Zones Council (Foreign-Trade Zones Board) to create cabinets / cabinets for mounting servers since you want to use foreign materials.

According to a person inside the subject (who spoke to the Business Insider), the entire production of data centers of Apple will be consolidated in this factory in Mesa. Currently, all Apple servers are built and tested at the data centers (whether inside or outside the U.S.). With this new factory, Apple's idea is to build and configure everything in one place and then distribute it.

By concentrating all server manufacturing in a factory on American soil, the plan is sure to please the president-elect of the USA who is on top of Apple so that the company starts to manufacture its products in the country.

(via MacRumors)

Update · 01/11/2017 s 13:03

Apple offered to clarify the story.

In contact with TechCrunch, the company said that the notification is only a request for renewal of the authorization of the Foreign Trade Zones Council, something that the factory already had at the time it was acquired. However, the company said it does not intend to manufacture equipment on site. The idea that the factory continues to serve ?only? as a hub global command for your operations data center.

This means that the site will be used with a central where the company receives and configures servers, mounting them in racks before distributing the units for use in your various data data centers. The order, apparently, is intended to keep things as they are (certain distribution and logistics benefits that are only possible with this type of designation).

Currently, the hub not yet operational. Once working, Apple said production will be limited to mounting servers in racks. And s.