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Apple sues Qualcomm again, this time in China

After processing the Qualcomm in the United States (looking for about $ 1 billion in royalties allegedly undue), the Apple filed yet another lawsuit against the famous maker of 3G / 4G smartphone chipsets, as reported today by Reuters.


It is a process exactly the same as the first, but in the China. According to the Beijing Intellectual Property Court, Ma accuses Qualcomm of abusing its influence in the chipset market and seeks a financial return of CN1 billion (about R $ 450 million); in parallel, Apple also filed a third lawsuit in China against Qualcomm accusing it of failing to fulfill promises made to license ?essential standards patents? widely, at a reasonable cost.

As we know, Qualcomm's diputa is not just against Apple. In addition to the Federal Trade Commission (which is on top of the San Diego company), regulatory bodies in South Korea fined it 1 track (about R $ 2.7 billion) last December for unfair patent licensing practices, obviously, Qualcomm will appeal the decision to a Korean court.

, my friends. Apparently we are facing a new dispute of those