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Apple promises fix for iTunes bug that could make entire libraries disappear

J has a certain time, the reporter Serenity Caldwell of iMore is investigating a relatively rare, but serious problem in the latest version of iTunes which causes entire libraries to disappear. A priori it was thought that the failure would be the fault of Apple Music, but it recently came to the conclusion that the bug in the iTunes software itself.

Yesterday, finally, Apple recognized the problem and promised a correction soon.

An extremely small number of users reported that music files saved on their computers were removed without their permission. We are taking these reports very seriously and we know how important music is to our consumers, and our teams are focused on identifying the cause (of it). We are still unable to reproduce the problem, but we will be releasing an update for iTunes early next week that will include extra protections. If anyone goes through this, contact AppleCare.

Apparently the update will not correct the problem itself, but prevent whatever is causing it from no longer being able to erase the user's entire music library (hopefully it works).

The bad for those who have already lost everything and did not backup ?