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Apple joins the commission that will oversee self-guided vehicles in the U.S.

Dozens of companies, whether in the automotive market or are not investing in technologies aimed at the arrival of self-guided cars. That this is possible (technologically speaking) is more than clear, but it is not so simple to implement. There are laws / regulations that need to be modified taking into account a car driving alone.

THE Apple, as we know, it is somehow linked to this market (I am not referring to CarPlay, but to ?Project Titan?) and also tried to find a way to participate in the creation of the ?rules of the game?. I explain.

THE United States Department of Transportation announced this week the creation of a new commission focused on automation that includes renowned professionals and experts in their fields. The first meeting of this group will be held on January 16, when issues such as the development and deployment of automated vehicles, among other things, start to be discussed.

Lisa Jackson

The 25-person committee, led by two co-chairs (Mary Barra, president and CEO of General Motors, and Eric Garcetti, mayor of Los Angeles) and a vice president (Dr. J. Chris Gerdes, professor of engineering at Stanford University). And there, among many other names (you can check them all here), is that of Lisa Jackson, senior vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives at Apple. Her choice makes sense, if we take into account her background linked to the government before joining Ma, she was an administrator with the US Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition to the autonomous car legislation, the group will also have an influence on future policies for trains, airplanes, freight and drone systems (all, obviously, linked to automation).

(via AppleInsider)