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Apple is speeding up application approval time in your store a lot

The process of analyzing and approving applications sent App Store notoriously arbitrary, oppressive and unfriendly. It also used to be very slow, but at least this negative adjective Apple can now cross off its short list: a story from Bloomberg draws attention to the fact that the analysis time of the poor apps has decreased dramatically in recent times.

App Store

Analyzing data from Appreviewtimes, it is possible to note that the average time for analysis and approval of an application now two days to the App Store and one day for the Mac App Store a sharp drop (and very welcome), considering that in May last year this period was, on average, eight to ten days.

No one knows exactly the motivations, or the causes, for this change in the process, but it would not be a blind guess to say that it could be related to changes in Apple's high-scale last year. At that time, the App Stores and the entire developer relationship area came out of control of Eddy Cue, senior vice president of software and internet services, and ended up in charge of Phil Schiller, Apple's head of global marketing.

Schiller, suggests the report of Bloomberg, is promoting a series of changes in its new areas of dominance: efforts on the iAd platform have decreased and 100 employees have been moved to the App Store section, which most likely influenced the fall decisively.

There is also a renewed focus by Apple in the area of ??services and software, which is behind the motivations to accelerate the process of analyzing apps. Ma's main competitor in this field, Google, has far fewer restrictions and the approval time for apps in the Android store is almost non-existent. Apple would be looking to become a reference in this field as well and improve its relations with developers, who have already complained several times that the extended analysis time is detrimental to the application update cycle.

(via MacStories)