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Apple hires Greg Duffy, co-founder of Dropcam and former Nest executive

Turn and move the news here on the website cases of employees leaving the Apple for other Silicon Valley companies or, more commonly in recent times, vehicle manufacturers like Tesla and Ford. But, at the same time as people are going, there are also people coming.

THE Information reported yesterday (closed matter for subscribers) that Apple's last major contract was that of Greg Duffy, co-founder of Dropcam and former Nest executive (Alphabet subsidiary).

Dropcam became very popular a few years ago for its home surveillance cameras, until it was purchased by Google in 2014 for the $ 555 million trifle. When Duffy went there, he curiously responded to Tony Fadell, until then responsible for Nest and a former Apple executive, considered by many ?the father of the iPod?. If the world is small, what about Silcio Valley

Obviously, it is not known exactly where Duffy works at Apple sources just say that he would have been assigned to a ?special project? (typical Apple), leading a team that works for now as ?a kind of startup inside the company". Maybe in a few years we will find out ?

(via TechCrunch)