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The fight is good: Apple pulls Spotify executive to lead record company relations on Apple Music

Google? Microsoft? Nothing. Apple's toughest fight today with a company that left Sweden and was founded just over ten years ago. Yes, friends, I'm talking about Spotify, whose fierce competition with Apple Music it has already generated appetizing headlines for communication vehicles and a series of controversies involving accusations on both sides.

Steve Savoca, new Apple Music executive

Now, Apple is moving one more part in this game beyond exciting: the Cupertino giant has co-opted one of Spotify's top executives to play the same role as it once did on Apple Music. The former vice president of content for Spotify, Steve Savoca, his bags are ready for 1 Infinite Loop, where he will lead the efforts of Apple Music in the complicated relationship with the record companies. One of the new contractor's main duties will be to develop a closer relationship with smaller and independent labels, focusing on international music.

Savoca has been on Spotify since the company arrived in the United States and previously held positions in the marketing area for several record labels; in addition, he himself was a musician and had a band called The Werefrogs in the 1990s.

With this move, Apple kind of admits it owes itself in an important area (which I totally agree with): while Tim Cook and his gang are unmatched in their ability to negotiate with great artists and giant music names, Spotify has been doing well It is better at attracting new and innovative names, generating a greater flow of entries and the interest of people who really enjoy the art of music.

Will the hiring generate interesting fruits for the service? Let us wait.

(via AppleInsider)