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Report says "iPhone X" is expected to cost more than $ 1,000 – but wait, don't leave yet!

First, let's get to the facts: we all know (or think we know) that, among the new features to be presented by Apple this year in relation to the iPhone, there would be two models that would represent the incremental updates of the current iPhones 7 and 7 Plus, as already we?re used to, and another spectacular model popularly known as "IPhone X" to symbolize the celebration of the ten years of the most famous smartphone in the world.

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Well then. Citing a ?knowledgeable? source for Apple?s plans, Fast Company reports that this ?iPhone X? must arrive with a little price, not a bit buddy. Ready to hit? Come on: we're talking about something over $ 1,000.

Such a value, at first sight, absurd, especially if we analyze that the vast majority of smartphones ?Premium? starts at around US $ 650 and those that exceed this mark, such as the iPhone 7 Plus and the (late) Samsung Galaxy Note7 (both for US $ 770), are considered good even more expensive now with a fierce competition from Chinese companies delivering excellent handsets below the $ 400 mark.

The $ 1,000 dollar tag would make ?iPhone X? the most expensive Ma smartphone ever, no doubt about it, but let's stop and think for a minute: it wouldn't be such a loose title. Take the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus, which unlocked costs $ 969 (not counting local taxes in the United States). If this wonderful new iPhone with an end-to-end screen comes face to face with 256GB of storage, something even mentioned in the report, which talks about a device with a memory upgrade in relation to the current iPhone 7 line, it would not be a price so It's hard to swallow like that. Expensive, but swallowable.

And, in any case, we will still have the probable updates of the iPhones 7 and 7 Plus (?iPhone 7s? and ?iPhone 7s Plus??) To take the place of the current devices with the same prices, apparently, satisfying consumers with shallower pockets or more modest ambiences.

The report of Fast Company it also brings some other details about the future smartphone, but none that we don't already know: the magazine talks about a flexible 5.8 inch OLED screen curved at the edges and sensors embedded behind it (as well as the front camera and Touch ID) . The idea, finally, to arrive at the design dreamed by Jonathan Ive in the original conception of the iPhone: of a simple glass bar with edge-to-edge images without interruption.

I don't know about you, but I'm very excited about September (?).

(via AppleInsider)