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Play the music with an iPhone swing? With the Swysh app you can do it!

Press the Start button (Home) and touch the arrow to pass the music a lot of work for you? If so, you will love the app Swysh.

Swysh - Gesture Based Music Controller app icon

Swysh allows you to control music only moving your iPhone. Shaking the device to the right, go to the next song; throwing it to the left, the previous song starts playing again. To pause or give play, just move it down. That simple.

The interesting thing about the app is that it works via location, which means that you can use it with both your phone unlocked and your phone locked. The options present in the settings help you to have a better and less frustrated experience. That is, you won't want the music to be playing every time you walk around with your iPhone in your pocket, right? For this, you can enable the option "Pocket Mode" and prevent movements from happening when the device is in your pocket. In addition, you can activate the random and also disable the gestures while walking. It is also possible to completely disable the movements, because will you enter an important meeting and, when you pick up your cell phone, the ?Lambada? starts playing at the last volume? Better to save yourself; disable ?Gestures? in the app.

According to Jake Underwood, MacStories, gestures do not work 100% of the time, even with the option of adjusting the sensitivity that doesn?t seem to make that much difference. However, this does not detract from the merit that they have already achieved something incredible just by making it work. Perhaps, more advanced than that would be if there was an iOS app similar to ControlAir for Mac.

The video makes it look very "Cool", n?

Swysh costs $ 1 and only works with the native iOS music app (including Apple Music), but developers plan to expand it to other music services. streaming. You can download it from the App Store and the people at Lychee Labs are already designing the Android app too.