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Interview: Tim Cook talks about controversy with the European Commission, future of smartphones and more

Tim Cook, visiting France, was interviewed (Google Translate) by the newspaper Le Figaro and talked about some of the hottest topics at Apple.

The Apple CEO reiterated much of what has already been said in other interviews of his over the past few months, but a good thing brought to the French public was the confirmation that Apple really would have a ?space? on the most famous avenue in Paris, The Champs-lyses. Although there is no confirmation of what Apple would do on the site, the rumors obviously speak of a store which could be ready in 2018 or 2019.

Cook also talked about the big problem the company is facing about tax collection in Ireland by the European Commission. He reiterated that Apple pays more taxes than any company in the world and is not involved in tax evasion, saying that in our opinion, the law is clear: we have to pay taxes where we create value ?.

Since the question about production of iPhones outside the Asian territory was brought up with the requests of Donald Trump (to produce the devices in American territory), the newspaper asked if there is a possibility to produce also in Europe or even in France. Cook then recalled that ?when you open a product and look at the different components, you see that the whole world is represented there. We have 4,600 suppliers in Europe and we have already spent US $ 11 billion on the continent ?.

Among other matters, Cook also spoke superficially about augmented reality, artificial intelligence and, when asked whether smartphones would stop or continue to innovate, he responded positively.

Look at what happened to the PC. If you go back to the 1990s and the beginning of 2000, you will see that sales were a little pricey, until they started to grow again. The smartphone will follow the same path. Innovative products always make a difference.

According to the French website MacGeneration (Google Translate), this was the first really official visit from cooker France and he took the opportunity to appear in some Apple stores around there, in addition to meeting people from different branches.

France has always had a special place for Apple. This is the best place to discover things and talk to all the musicians, graphic artists, designers and photographers who use our products. There is a creative energy.

I couldn't resist imagining Cook here in Brazil, talking about how beautiful our landscapes are. ?

(via MacRumors)