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IDC and Gartner: Apple gains market share above 10% in the US with Mac [atualizado]

What crazy times AAPL worth more than $ 300, Gene Munster disenchanted with Macs and now IDC and Gartner agreeing that Apple finally exceeded 10% in market share of computers in the United States? What next, J.K.Rowling revealing that Harry is Voldemort's son (or worse: Snape's)?

Computer market share in Q32010 - IDC

The tables above show Ma's performance according to IDC: the review firm estimates Mac sales growth of 24.1% over last year, leaving Apple with 10.6% of the US market. This would make it surpass Acer (10.3%, annual growth of 0.1%) by about 50 thousand units and occupy the third place, behind only Dell (23.1%) and HP (24.3%) . The market as a whole would have grown a mere 3.8% compared to Q3 2009, a performance that is attributed to the stagnant economy and the iPad.

On the global scale, however, Apple still does not have enough participation to leave the category "Others". The three largest manufacturers in this category are HP, Acer and Dell, with 17.7%, 13% and 12.5% market share, respectively. The market in general showed an annual growth of 10.5%.

Computer market share in Q32010 - Gartner

Gartner, for its part, was less optimistic about the market. According to her, Apple's growth was only 13.7% compared to last year, which left it with 10.4% of the market in the United States 17 thousand computers behind Acer, which even with an annual drop of 21% in sales it got 10.5% of the market (you will understand). The market as a whole would have grown by only 2.2%, again because of the iPad and the economy.

Worldwide, Apple still would not have a share to be among the six biggest sellers, which were HP (17.5%), Acer (13.1%), Dell (12.2%), Lenovo (10.4% ), ASUS (5.4%) and Toshiba (5.3%). The industry as a whole would have grown by only 7.6%, still quite concentrated in Asia, while Europe and the USA are influenced by the iPad and the promise of new tablets, which have left consumers in ?standby mode?.

I wonder what happens if you add the iPad numbers to these tables: does Apple come out of the "Others"? Just to remember: the official numbers of Ma leave on the 18th (before the event "Back to the Mac"). Be sure to check both here.

(via Electronist: 1, 2)


I must admit that I asked the question at the end of the post premeditatedly: I already knew that Horace Dediu, the asymco, it wouldn't be quiet without first adding the iPad numbers to those estimates. Or rather, its own estimates for the world market.

Sales of computers / iPads - asymco

Apple really comes out of ?Others?: counting the iPad as a PC, the meager 4% of market share World Cup more than doubles, going to 10% I don't even want to see what that number would look like in the USA.