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Graph of the day: how the current 492 Apple stores are spread

THE Apple only has 2 physical stores in Brazil, VillageMall (in Rio de Janeiro) and Morumbi (in So Paulo), but in the rest of the world there are now 490 others. Obviously, most of them 55%, to be more precise, are in the United.

THE Statista published a chart this week showing the distribution of 492 Apple Stores around the world:

Apple store chart

Click / tap to enlarge.

The 2 Tupiniquim stores may seem little compared to the 270 American (and only), but at the same time see that we are in a select group of only 19 countries that already have an Apple Store. Together, they all place Ma among the top 50 retailers in the world.

Will the company reach 500 stores later this year? ?

(tip from @robsonpolice, via Business Insider)