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Expansion of Apple's new data center would have been planned from the start

In recent days, a rumor has emerged that Apple is planning to double the area of ??its new data center in Maiden (North Carolina, USA), reaching 1 million square feet. Photos of the original project released in July 2009 found today by AllThingsDhowever, they indicate that this was already in the plans for forever.

Apple's data center project in Maidencurrently

Apple's data center project in MaidenFuture project?

As the second built area was already at Apple's plants, there is now the question: would the 500,000 square feet disclosed be related to the entire project or just the area that will go into operation by the end of the year? In the first hypothesis, what we know today would then have about 250,000 square feet or about 23,225 square meters (not bad, anyway).

(via MacRumors | images: Catawba County, via Flickr)