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Apple team responsible for WebKit proposes new 3D graphics standard for the web

If there is a field today where Apple's efforts are going from strength to strength, in creating standards and code languages ??that are most appropriate for 21st century gadget needs. THE Swift the greatest example of this, while the framework graphic Metal has had a good following among developers in the Apple world. Now, Cupertino developers behind the rendering engine WebKit, from Safari, are setting out on a journey to improve another very important field: graphics on the web.

The WebKit team proposed at the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium, the international standards organization for the internet) the creation of a discussion group in order to develop a new graphical API for the web, thought from the beginning with a focus on better use of the resources of the devices we have today and in the future.

Safari Technology Preview

The idea explained more deeply in a post on the official WebKit blog, signed by team leader Dean Jackson. According to him, there are now some APIs that allow the use of the full potential of current GPUs on the web, however, none of them compatible with all platforms: we have Direct3D 12 (from Microsoft), Vulkan (from Khronos Group) and itself Metal (from Apple) all of them restricted to a certain number of devices and operating systems. This does not, of course, combine with the open and unrestricted nature of the internet. Meanwhile, the most widely used standard, OpenGL, is considered outdated and full of limitations that do not match an experience expected from the internet from 2017 onwards.

Therefore, according to Jackson and his team, a new standard is needed to overcome OpenGL and be accepted without distinction across all platforms. The WebKit team has already built an initial prototype, for now called WebGPU, and hopes that, from it, the discussion group will be built that will develop this new standard until the moment it is ready to win the world. The W3C community is already invited to familiarize itself with the prototype and join the development group.

We hope that something good comes out of it all! ?

(via MacRumors)