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Apple Pay moves ahead of PayPal and leads in number of stores that support the service in the USA

We have accompanied the expansion of Apple Pay since it was launched in 2014. Since then, only 13 countries have received the service. Despite the slow expansion around the world, it seems that he has been quite successful in his homeland.

A survey carried out by Boston Retail Partners (BRP) and released by NFC World listed the most popular mobile payment services in the United States, and Apple Pay, supported by 36% from the stores. The growth was quite great if we compare it a year ago, when the service was in ?only? 16% of the tenants.

Most popular Apple Pay

The service that led the market before Ma arrived, the PayPal, ended up falling to second place, with 34% penetration. Soon after comes the Mastercard PayPass (25%), followed by Android Pay (24%), Visa Checkout (20%), Samsung Pay (18%) and Chase Pay (11%). Despite these numbers, it is good to remember that the fact that Samsung Pay supports both NFC and MST technologies, it is accepted in almost all places that work with credit cards, even if the store is not really "affiliated" to the service.

Several shopkeepers are already eyeing the service and the survey showed that 22% of them plan to accept Apple Pay in the next 12 months, 11% in the next 1-3 years and 31% are still operating in ?wait and see? mode before decide for Ma service.

In the USA, resistance has been great because large stores have yet to replace their old machines with new ones, compatible with NFC. Even though it is a little easier for smaller tenants to make this change, perhaps the adoption of the systems is due to a lack of information, as BRP reported.

One of the critical factors for the success of any mobile payment is information. We realize that not only are consumers unsure about how and when mobile payments can be used, but members are also insecure.

For mobile payments or mobile wallets to be successful, there must be instructions at the point of sale to ensure that a transaction using a mobile device is not more time consuming or more complicated than traditional payment methods for the customer or associate.

To collect this data, the survey was conducted in 500 of the most famous stores.

The results of Ma's last fiscal quarter revealed that Apple Pay grew by an incredible 500% in year-to-year transactions, as well as tripling its number of users.

And we, here in Brazil, keep waiting

(via AppleInsider)